Dikhao - Quickly find all related AWS resources
May 2014 Dikhao is an open source project (hosted in github), to cache every EC2 and route53 resource, find relations between them, and provide really fast lookups. It can be installed as a python command line utility (pip install dikhao), deployed in Heroku and has a ready to use hubot plugin.
Ubuntu on a legacy laptop without HDD
May 2014 I have a 6 year old legacy laptop with impaired battery, DVD drive and hard drive. It lay unused for over a year, but recently, I decided to use it like a full fledge Linux laptop. Here’s the screenshot of my laptop running the latest version of Firefox in Ubuntu 12.04:
An Adventure with Meditation
Apr 2014 Today, I came back from a 10 day Vipassana meditation course, meditating 10 hrs per day. A great learning experience with purity from the age of Buddha - Render of Peace. Realizing that this experience can only be experienced, pardon me for just being able to present a brief outline about the same.
Why abolishing Income Tax makes sense in India
Apr 2014 We all know, Income Tax is a major source of revenue for government expenditures. But, do we know the impact and effectiveness of Income Tax laws in India?
Setting up python vitual environment
Apr 2014 Using python virtual environment for development is highly recommended and is widely used by python programmers. Debian/Ubuntu commands to install python virtualenv are as follows:
Feb 2014 Today, I changed the title of my blog to Simplicity. A simple thought, life, action and relation is somewhere lost in this complicated world! Simplicity is an aquired taste. A taste, which helped google dominate the web, Apple to be regarded as the biggest brand and Mahatma Gandhi to become the father of the Nation.
Shinken mailgun plugin
Feb 2014 Shinken is a modern open-source server monitoring tool written in python. It has a lovely feature rich UI and is highly scalable. The great thing about this project is its active community and frequent releases. Mailgun on the other hand, provides an easy to use API for sending, receiving emails. So, no more setting up SMTP servers and maintaing multiple accounts :D Open-source: This project is fully open sourced and hosted in Github.
Rakum School for the Blind
Introduction to python
Jul 2012 Heard about C, C++, java, .net, …? These are the popular programming languages extensively used in industry. Have you heard about python or ruby? These are also programming languages, pretty powerful & easy to learn. Python & ruby are also widely used, especially in startups. Python is also known as a language with batteries included because it has a very rich standard library and lots of third pary libraries.
Open Source changed my life!
Jul 2012 I started of with open source/linux in my first year of graduation and soon fell in love with it. It was my hobby. Now I am working for a open-source based startup: Plivo Inc.
Innocent Love
Jan 2010 When I hear your name, something happens, My heart misses a beat and then, doubles its speed Thats why I call you - "MY DREAM GIRL"
Starting KGEC LUG with FreedomFest '09
Apr 2009 The Beginning: The preparations for forming a ‘GNU/Linux User Group’ in KGEC was started just after the Installfest ‘09. We created the Mailing List of our group on 23rd February and visited NIT Durgapur to come closer to what a 'GNU/Linux User Group’ is and its functioning. We also collected some resources from there like the fedora repo, different distributions isos and ideas to start the GLUG. The key people to help me was Mr. Debayan and Mr. Rangeen.
First ever Linux Installfest in KGEC
Feb 2009 The Beginning: I Registered for MUKTI ‘09 and went to NIT Durgapur along with my friend. There we stayed 3 days and attended all workshops. We came closer to FOSS community and some of the organizers. We met Mr. Rangeen Basu Roy Choudhry and he gave us the idea of having an installfest in our college to create a Linux environment.